Any Zip is an utility to extract / compress archive files.

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Introduction to Any Zip version 1.2

There are many tools for extracting / compressing archive files. But many of them are not good enough for users especially for beginners. People may be confused by functions mixed up. And the extracting / compressing speed may be slow for large files. That's why we build Any Zip.

Any Zip has a clear user interface. When you want to decompress ZIP, RAR, and other archive files, just switch to the Unpack page and select or darg & drop the file you need to extract. On the other hand, if you want to backup your data and reduce the size, just switch to the Pack page and select or darg & drop files and folders you need to compress. It is very easy to understand.

And Any Zip is optimized for high speed conversion, especially for large files which including a lot of small files. Our testing shows that Any Zip only costs half or less of the time some other Windows store software does when extracting large files.

Download Any Zip from Windows store and have a try, free for the trial version!

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